For All the Struggling Writers Out There…

A group in which I include myself: here is a great Blog by Kristen Lamb titled “Stress Less, Write More”. It is a helpful review of common ways writers get stressed out and become disorganized. She delves into various strategies, such are Pareto Optimality, and Meyers-Briggs Type analysis, to prioritize our actions, and identify the areas where we struggle the most.

Currently, I am working my way through several books — a bad habit of mine — including, possibly the best book on Screenwriting I’ve read yet, “Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting” by Robert McKee. I feel strongly that McKee’s stress on Story, as being the critical element of a successful screenplay (or even novel), cannot be overemphasized. McKee poses his readers the question: Do we think Hollywood decides against making the best scripts into films? His answer is a resounding, no! McKee relates, that the best scripts get made, always; and if Hollywood seems to make a lot of bad movies (story wise), its because there weren’t any better scripts to be found.

This speaks to what McKee says is a general decline in story, both among Hollywood productions, and independent and foreign (art house) productions, as well.

So, here’s to story! Our first true love, so ubiquitous in our childhood, now fleeing from our vulgar and clumsy pretenses.

May we make amends  — and find our love again!


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